Once Upon a Time...

Isn’t that how so many of our favorite stories start? Well, once upon a time, Hubby got burned out from being a public school teacher. It’s sad, but true. He loved the kids and the kids loved him...but school politics. Ugh! Always the conscientious provider for our family, Hubby had been reluctant to leave a “steady” job, so I gave him the freedom to think outside the box...or in this case, the classroom. 


Over the break that first summer, Hubby seriously began to think about other options. He was helping a friend with some painting when he saw a woman next door throwing out what appeared to be good, useful items. She was closing her thrift store, she said.  Hubby suggested

that the items could be donated to a charity and offered to carry some things in our truck. The woman accepted his offer and asked if he wanted anything in return. He spied a small shelf with about 60 books on it, perfect for our side eBay business at the time. “How about those books?” “Of course! I’ll have my nephew put them in your truck when he comes over in a little while.” 


What Hubby didn’t realize until hours later is that the woman had a ROOM full of books, and the nephew loaded all 800 or so of them into our truck. When he arrived home to our then 979 square foot home, I asked, “What are we going to do with all that??!” to which he replied, “I dunno...sell them?” And that is how Pursel Booksellers was born!